Drew Daniel (Matmos) under the name of The Soft Pink Truth has made a very funny album with a bunch of aberrant electronic covers of black metal classics. Now here is a mix of black metal intros/outros by him in order to hype his album.

Intros:  Sodom – In the Sign of Evil, Beherit – Tireheb, Blasphemy – Winds of the Black Gods, Celtic Frost – Human, Striborg – Foreboding Silence (Intro 1.), Beherit – The Oath of Black Blood, Blasphemy – Ross Bay, Bathory – Storm of Damnation, Striborg – Black Desolate Winter, Negura Bunget – Ceasuri Rele, Rotting Christ – Ach Golgotha, Striborg – Foreboding Silence (Intro 2), Striborg – Embittered Darkness / Isle De Morts,  Mayhem – In Memoriam, Morbid Angel – Blessed Are the Sick
Outros: Sodom – In the Sign of Evil, Sarcofago – INRI, Mortiis – Unreleased, Striborg – Foreboding Silence, Striborg – Black Desolate Winter, Apathia – Sepulcrum,  Mayhem – The True Legends in Black, Bathory – The Winds of Mayhem

about the album + original tracks


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