Carcassonne is a beautiful town in the Languedoc region in France whose main attraction is a high wall that prevents Bonne Humeur Provisoire from going into the town. This duo has turned electronic musical DIY into a highly irritating tool among its neighbours, who are more interested in tasting good cheese and paté of the region than finding out how it is possible, even in the country of the grandeur, to spin in only one wash the extravagance of Tic et Tac’s way, llulabies for hiperactive children and a taste for Dadaism that makes Tristan Tzara sane in comparison. Bonne Humeur Provisoire sounds as if a poltergeist phenomenom had taken control of a Martian killer of the 80’s, and sings and swears as Robbie the Robot

When performing, the group likes to externalize their absolute lack of complexes and their still unexplained passion for blue, and they make up for their shortsightedness by pressing all the keys on their synthesizers and modified toys at the same time. The resulting cacophony is excellent and has the vigorous beauty of an automaton that goes too far if it is wind up just a little. And however, in Carcassonne, people don’t even know what’s going on. Mon dieu!

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