“I wasn’t always a model citizen, but I always played music.” – Dan McGee


Spider Bags is a rock’n’roll band. It’s got a bit of a country and two bit of blues influence. The main figure, the songwriter Dan McGee started playing guitar when he was really little because of Blind Lemon Jefferson (blues musician, 1893-1929). His favourite songwriters are three delta blues musician: Skip James (1902-69), Robert Johnson (1911-38), Tommy Johnson (1896-1956)  and Lou Red. He don’t have any kind of training, and  didn’t really even start playing shows for a long time, until he was in his late twenties, then his band has become a favorite of the garage rock scene. The forth album will be released soon, and I’m very curious because he “wanted to make a record that sounded like a classic rock record, that was mixed like the old AC/DC records, or like Dark Side Of The Moon.”

Frozen Letter LP/CD/digital on Merge Records (US)

Among the many favorite songs of RNR666 there is a Spider Bags’ forever green, Hey Delinquents!


Australian suburban country that’s made while sitting around the kitchen table by/in Lower Plenty. The band (with UV Race and Total Control members) named after a Melbourne suburb. The life is there so

Life/Thrills LP on Bedroom Suck Records (Aus)


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