“Give up your dreams. Commit suicide.”


LIFE STINKS – Portraits 7″ on Total Punk Records (US)

San Francisco’s kings of misanthropy are back with two drummers.
When the band formed all members selected instruments they had never played before.
In the manner of Flipper, Stooges, Germs and Velvet Undergound.
But what were the first steps on this way?
– Chad (singer, also in Outdoorsmen): I heard “Beat On The Brat” on the radio
when was fourteen or so and went, “Whoa!”
– Vinnie (drums): I was hanging in my friend’s garage one evening smoking pot
and drinking 40s, and my friend at the time, Jon Scott, brought in this tape
he had dubbed off his brother and we listened to it about thirty times in a row.
It was Minor Threat’s discography.
Later that night when we were done hanging out
I broke into the garage and stole the tape.

LUMPY & THE DUMPERS – Bat 7″ also on Total Punk

St.Louis Blues Trash in D-Beat, 1-2-fuck-u


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