Jazz singer Little Jimmy Scott died at his age of 88. His most famous performance was in the last episode of Twin Peaks, where he has sung Sycamore Trees. Lyrics: David Lynch, Music: Angelo Badalamenti

littlejimmyHe suffered from Kallmann’s syndrome, a rare hereditary condition, that preventing him from reaching puberty, he stopped growing, and his voice never changed from a boy soprano’s. He got his start singing in the church choir. He first rose to fame when he sang lead in the Lionel Hampton Band for 1950’s hit “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool.” He went in solo in 1951. Along the way, he gained the praise of such peers as Ray Charles, Billie Holiday and Nancy Wilson. His career faded by the late 1960s and he returned to his native Cleveland to work as a hospital orderly, shipping clerk and as an elevator operator in a hotel. He came back in the limelight in the 1990s through Lou Reed, who recruited him to sing back-up vocals on his song “Power and Glory” on his album Magic and Loss.  Throughout his six-decade-plus career, Scott also performed with the likes of Michael Stipe, Antony & the Johnsons, Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughan, Charles Mingus and Quincy Jones, among many others.


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