A G E N D E R is a strange synth punk band in Australia. It has started as Romy Hoffman’s one woman lo-fi punk project. She’s also known as a hip-hop artist under the name of Macromantics. His project has morphed into a trio. On drums: experimental electronic musician Melissa Agate, aka Sanso-Xtro. After these it’s surprising that the bass player Yolanda DeRose is just from a simple garage rock band, Mass Culture Suicide. The second album “is a spillage of sexual secrets and the purging of perversions.” The first track is a little deceiving…

“Fixations” LP on Desire Records (France)


The singer and drummer met volatile French guitarist in London after he left an ad in their studio listing Television, Ennio Morricone and “everything at DFA Records” as influences. (DFA is an electronic dance music label, co-founded by James Murphy of LCD Sound System.) The most interesting person is the bass player, Jade Spranklen, who is also playing for the British pop singer Whinnie Williams (aka Sunday Girl), and she is an excellent illustrator, but cannot draws free style rap. But Felt Tip is an indie rock band like XTC or Gang of Four.

Simple Things digital EP on Fierce Panda (UK) on 9 June


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