The new PIRESIAN BEACH EP “shows

that Zsófia Németh is not here to make music to run away from boredom. These tunes prove her progression of writing better and better pop songs, in a shell of garage and psychedelic rock.

Guess the party was too hardcore

cause the ending song ‘VITAMINS’ reminds me of nothing else but a funeral procession. Despite being the heaviest song on the EP, or the heaviest ever written by PIRESIAN BEACH, it is also very catchy, which can leave you in awkward situations. Like whistling it on your regular summertime visit to the cemetery.” French video maker Psyche Coaster has just made a video for this song

You can download the EP from Bandcamp for free but you can support PIRESIAN BEACH with a donation as well. (Money will go on cheap guitars or expensive beers). And buy PIRESIAN BEACH / JC SATÁN split 7″ with 2×2 songs.



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