Two young Slovenian keyboard enthusiasts produce great electro-industrial-noise-core-metal with only two keyboards and some samples. I have invited them to play at RNR666 Party and made this very short IT’S EVERYONE ELSE interview.


RNR666 – I think it’s not your first band. What were there before?
Luci – Pika (the female part of IEE) was a singer in a few bands during her high school years but she never found the right people to complete her musical visions. I myself had a little noise project going on, but for the both of us the first “serious” band was (and still is) IT’S EVERYONE ELSE. We played our first gig under the name “Hold Your Horses” but as soon as we found our sound, we changed the name to IT’S EVERYONE ELSE, because we thought it was more appropriate.

– It started after we exchanged some demos and realized that our ideas are pretty compatible. We started rehearsing and we just clicked. A few months later we player our first concert and after that we just kept going and going.

What are your inspirations?
– Our biggest inspiration is life itself. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy a lot of music, movies, books, paintings etc. and we get a lot of ideas out of that, but there is nothing as inspiring as people, emotions and social interactions. We are the soundtrack to the rainbow of human emotions.

Sirens + Nirvana – Stay Away cover

Can you play other instruments beside keyboards?
– We have no formal music education and we can barely play keyboards:) We don’t really care about notes, scales or chords, we just play what sounds good to our ears. I think we developed our own way of playing synths, which is much more similar to playing riffs on a guitar rather than playing piano in the traditional sense.

Their second album is released on vinyl by Noise Appeal Records (Austria).

Buy digital copy here.



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