The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

Midnight Sun – album review

Imagine there is a Bible of visions
It’s easy if you try
You can wade knee deep into it
Dig your fingers into the hazy pastel sky

Imagine these 12 rays of the midnight sun
What depict antique tales

Imagine a fay in the dark side of the moon
It isn’t hard to do
Paint a fresco on the infinite canvas from the heritage
This is the last call’s view

Imagine the hanged man
Who frames the reverie

We are dreamers
Maybe not the only ones
In the bed of roses we’re whirling with the effects
Johannesburg’s grace is sparkling in the glass

Imagine drowning dazed in the dreamless daytime
I wonder if you can
No need for narrow beaten paths or distorted spectacles
Only a compelling surreal landscape of Albert Hoffmann


Released on Chimera Music



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