i cannot see for cover2An introduction / invocation / guide to the new EP from David (Romania, Broken cups, Terrible Ted, Los Vargitos etc.)


It’s been two years since the last Piresian Beach EP was released. Alle Falle hit a darker tone, now I cannot see for miles is a much more mixed one, sporting brighter tones as well and a nice pack of self-irony. RNR666 is here to present. You are here to consume.

The album starts off with a slower, yet still energic one, called ‘Sex Claws’. Zsofia rings her trademark voice with backing vocals giving an ancient feel that Mother Nature herself invites us to her bedroom. Don’t let me out in the dark, she begs but it won’t happen, as the song gets brighter and brighter, filling the mind. In more human words: make sure you wear comfortable underwear listening to this.

World peace ends fast as ‘Well who are you‘ operates with a tobacco filled throat, yelling, but still catchy vocals, drums which pump glitter in your face and guitars inspired by folk songs.

Weird songs are always welcome. Weird songs with self-irony are more than welcome. Mix the two ingredients and you get a cocktail of fun and remorse: ‘Blood in the gutter’. Not suitable for children under the age of 3.

‘I cannot see for miles’ is one of the faster songs on the EP but it has a strange flow that makes it one of the slowest. It’s like bathing nude in overhelming waves of warm water in a spa among miserable old people, without giving any fuck.

‘Rotten Raspberries’ is not the highlight of the album but you can still make some push ups, or show your stupidest dance moves in a party to your friends in glasses while listening to it.

Guess the party was too hardcore cause the ending song ‘Vitamins’ reminds me of nothing else but a funeral procession. Despite being the heaviest song on the EP, or the heaviest ever written by Piresian Beach, it is also very catchy, which can leave you in awkward situations. Like whistling it on your regular summertime visit to the cemetery.

This EP shows that Zsófia Németh is not here to make music to run away from boredom. These tunes prove her progression of writing better and better pop songs, in a shell of garage and psychedelic rock.

You can download it from Bandcamp for free but you can support Piresian Beach with a donation as well. (Money will go on cheap guitars or expensive beers).




cover art by Stanisław Legus http://legushobodesign.tumblr.com/


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