HOZAC is a punk, garage, noise rock record label in Chicago. It was founded by Horizontal Action Magazine founders after they demise the magazine in 2006.  

CRETIN STOMPERS (memphis/NYC ex-Magic Kids, Jay Reatard Band, Barbaras, Wavves) – Looking Forward To Being Attacked, debut LP

Infectious oozing pop slime. You will be rewarded with a dynamic explosion of space punk filtered through a clogged toilet of remarkable pop hooks and impeccable melodic surges that hit such wavering heights, you just might need some orange slices to keep your eyes on the road. And as if Cretin Stompers couldn’t give you any more ear candy to clean out your cavities with, they have culled two covers from The Styrenes and Dave Brock (of Hawkwind). Recommended if you like: Magic Kids, Barbaras, King Tuff, R. Stevie Moore, Ween, Jay Reatard. Full Album Stream

NONES – Midwestern Family Values, debut LP

“Jesus christ, this is awful.”

This LP from mutant noise trio NONES is no joy ride, and it’s nothing you want to relax with after a hectic day, but more of an instant agitator, a tool for stirring up your inner turmoil and a safe place to keep your paranoid thoughts where they can drift around in a contained space. It’s the best kind of death trip we’ve found in a long while, and while nothing sounds quite like them, it’s kind of like the soft lullaby accompanying a celebratory castration on a summer day, or maybe even a high-end hysterectomy on a fancy yacht. No smiley faces, hearts or flowers, just crying babies, broken dreams, fever sweat, double-vision and boiled-over belligerence, cooked down into a thick mess of vengeance and insanity. Recommended if you like: Jesus Lizard, Flipper, Grong Grong, Aluminum Knot Eye, Toupee, Negative Trend, Puffy Areolas, Von Lmo, MX-80 Sound, migraine


There’s just no way around it, this Southern Comfort 7” is possibly the most visceral bummer punk classic two-sider of 2014, and your head won’t be the same after you hear it blasting with the windows open on a warm sunny day. If you aren’t already familiar, be sure to check into all the other great bands Angie is currently involved with Ruined Fortune and Straight Arrows. Recommended if you like: Circle Pit, Angie, Dum Dum Girls, Wax Idols, Redd Kross, Miss Destiny

mary monday

MARY MONDAY & THE BITCHES – I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie, 7″, archival series

One of the greatest west coast punk singles of the first wave is back in print. Former stripper Mary Monday had a life shrouded in mystery, and conflicting reports in the historic documentation as to the band and Mary’s origins are still baffling punkologists to this day, including her mysterious death a few years after this single’s release. As legend goes, she arrived in San Francisco from Vancouver in 1976 with green hair and put together a band while still in high school that played around the Filipino cabaret scene. In August of ’76 when The Ramones made their first West Coast appearances, the opening band for their big San Francisco debut show was Mary Monday & the Bitches. Later on, her band was alternately known as the Street Punks. “I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie,” it’s as raw and stupid as punk ever was. Recommended if you like: Bags, Avis Davis & Joy Rider, Avengers, Nuns, Alley Cats, Dishrags, Eyes, Beex.

THE MAN – Carousel of Sound, debut 7″ EP

Panicky/riveting/down-sizing guitar crunch, merging with the heavy dose of anxiety-riddled bass throb, over-worked, stress-wrenched drumming, and all slathered in “workplace harassment”-style vocals. Recommended for fans of Baseball Furies, Wire, Reatards, Persuaders, Guilty Pleasures.



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