You’re in the 50s-60s (but before the beat madness). Switch on the radio. Rhythm’n blues’n rock’n’roll on New Orleans wave. Now by The Royal Premiers from France.

Friday Night Curse album by Kizmiaz Records on LP/DL


“Meg, Richie, and I spent a lot of time drinking beer. At the time we asked her to be in the band, her lack of experience on drums was no greater than our lack of experience on guitars, so it wasn’t all that unusual. I think she’s really come into her own bashing away and is the absolute best drummer for Watery Love” to play heavy listening raw noisy garage punk.

Decorative Feeding LP and a 7″ by a competent authority: In The Red Records (US).

But Meg leaved the band so as to concentrate her absolutely different solo career. She was replaced by Ben from Philadelphian highly praised psych-blues-rock-jam band Birds Of Maya. (Another bird is in the Purling Hiss too.)



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