“when people I know ask me what my band is like I tell them, ‘it’s noisy, with keyboards, you wouldn’t like it’”


Gentle Friendly started when David took some scrapped drums and guitars out of a skip in East-London. Cleaned the instruments and invited Daniel to “come and mess with the stuff” while he played his broken Casio MT-40. Eventually the guitars stayed out of use. Very playful experimental pop. Maybe like the early Animal Collective.

KAUA’I O’O A’A LP or Digital on Fat Cat


“We’re at that point where we just don’t give a fuck about anything. We want to get a bad review. A lot of bands start off with their punk record first and then just get weaker. We want to only get better and louder.” And to play rough noise rock, like some Amphetamine Reptile artists in the 90s, for example Killdozer, Chrome Cranks or Halo of Flies.

Unholy Two – ‘Talk About Hardcore’ LP on 12XU Records


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