“…I’m from the South, I’m not from New York, New York is just where I got famous so if I’m going to work on my debut album I want to be where I’m really from to feel the closer essence of who I am…”
> > >

“…Art college [pursue photography and performance studies, dropped out in 2006 ] is for kids who don’t know what kind of art they want to do, a place to explore and find yourself…”
> > >

“…There was period a couple months ago, I will be flat out honest, because it’s real, there was a period a couple months ago where I thought, should I distance myself from this whole ‘gay rap’ thing? But if my success is linked temporarily to being the gay rapper, that’s fine. I never really did distance myself. Le1f, Ian Isiah, Cakes Da Killa, these are all people who are really close friends who are black and gay and involved in this entertainment culture. I thought no, I never want to distance myself from those people… those are my people, that’s my community, it’s important…”
> > >

“…At first it was like a Pandora’s Box but in the positive way, it was so much beauty and struggle and a whole new lifestyle. I was a full time cross dresser after never doing that before in my life or even doing drag before. 2010, when nobody knew me or anything, I was living this new transgendered life. I wouldn’t call my exploring of gender a phase but an opening up of my life to something radically new and creatively inspiring it was an awakening. Now I feel inspired by something perhaps a little more spiritual a little grander to be honest. I feel that now exploring a new direction will and has already begun to shape my creativity in a new direction. It’s not masculine and feminine I’m playing with anymore but this alien other and I don’t literally mean sci fi but just something more original than gender play, something that feels like the future and is just free, freedom, there’s no freedom in gender but being beyond gender, that’s freedom…”
> > >

“…I’m a huge fan of Grace Jones! I look up to her, Iggy Pop, GG Allin, Tina Turner, and Beyoncé the most out of any entertainers because they are strong performers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big production or not—just them alone can tear down a stage. I feel the same way about myself—or, at least, I’m trying hard to!”
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Mykki Blanco in Budapest at A38 on May 3!


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