Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011) was an Afro-American poet and musician. He made his music in jazz, funk and soul, and exerted huge influence on hip-hop with his spoken words. His last album “I’m New Here” was recorded in 2008. During the session he recorded stripped-down new versions of some of his songs. Accompanying himself on piano and with no overdubs. This is “Alien”

from the album “Nothing New”. It will be released only on 12″ vinyl, limited to 3000 copies, and available exclusively on Record Store Day, 19th April 2014 by XL Recordings. The original Alien

On his first album (1970, produced by Bob Thile) he named as influences Richie Havens (singer/songwriter, the opening act in Woodstock), John Coltrane (one of the greatest jazz saxists), Otis Redding (soul and blues singer/songwriter), Jose Feliciano (Puerto Rican guitar virtuoso), Billie Holiday, Nina Simone (jazz singers) from musicians. From activists: Langston Hughes (poet, writer, human rights activist), Malcolm X (while was imprisonment owing to lacreny concverted to Islam, became black superiority activist, then would be human rights activist) and Huey Newton (was a controversial person, co-founded the Afro-American left-wing organization, Black Panther Party, he killed a 17 years old girl becuse he very didn’t like if somebody called him by his nickname “baby”, the eyewitness changed her testimony after some Black Panther members tried to kill her, a man who known too many things about this case would be buried alive in the desert.  He was shot to death by a drug dealer Black Guerrilla Family member shortly after Newton left a crack house. Black Guerrilla Family is a gang which was founded at San Quentin State Prison and based on Marxist and Maoist ideology.)

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