“We were playing this one club in Rome. It was a small place, it was really packed, and we’re doing Penetrate. As I go into the song I realize that the audience is singing along with me. Then I noticed they were doing that on a lot of songs. I had met a bunch of these people before the show, and they didn’t speak any English.” – said Dennis Most in an interview. It’s miraculous because his band was almost totally unknown until the early 2000s.

Dennis Most & The Instigators were formed as a punk band in 1979. Before this there were two bands of Mr. Most: “Punk” was founded in 1972, Dennis Most & AudioLove in 1976. Punk was “trippy blues/garage-rock combo” influenced by Standells, Troggs and sames. AudioLove was “garagey, metally proto-punk” influenced by Stooges, MC5 and early British heavy metal bands.


Dennis Most & The Instigators had only a self-released single in that time. Most released solo recordings in 1982 (7″) and 1985 (LP), among his songs there was a Cole Porter interpretation too! (Anyway Porter was a punk by his extravagant, scandalous lifestyle. Two of his songs is sung by Iggy Pop. One with Debbie Harry, Two on his cover album “Apres”.)
The Instigators were resurrected in the early 2000s. Since then their early materials were released beside new recordings on various indie labels in Finland, Italy, Germany and US. Now here is the brand new material, “Instigate Me” with 7 songs, among these is an interpretation of Cheap Trick’s He’s A Whore. Good old-style punk music like Ramones or Misfits with more metallic edge and some gothic influence. Strange that the music reminds me of the Finnish Psychoplasma, but I almost sure that they don’t know about it. “Instigate Me” is released on CD-r by Kotlovan Records in Russia!

The band’s bassist is Keith Grave of Atomic Buddha.

ps: “I Hate Mel Tormé” is a song by Denni Most & Instigators. He was an American jazz-pop singer, musician and composer.


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