“We play fast, noisy music. Call it whatever you want. The component parts include: primitive 1970s punk, 1980s hardcore, skronky post-punk records of the danceable and non-danceable varieties, 1960s garage music, traditional American music, science fiction, literary satire, scatology, unapologetic theft, bald-faced lying, and the design aesthetic of school notebook covers and public toilets. Listen and figure it out for yourself. The songs are short. It won’t take long. Break up eventually.” Started as a Joke, as a cover band by three middle aged guy who has learnt all of the 1978 debut album of Belgian punk rock band The Kids. They’re the Advlts

7″ by Southpaw Records


OTO. Kraut influenced French electro punk or Neue Französische Welle from the 80s. Exact. Cool. Perfect. Evergrey. “Anyway” repress 12″EP.


It was recorded in 1984. + Repress LP from 86 by Desire & Mitzvah Records. Listen to their unpublished materials! Amazing lo-fi sound!



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