Further Reductions is a very beauty speaking name of a Shawn O’Sullivan‘s band. He is one of the important figures in New Yorker analogue synth scene with his L.I.E.S. label; personal projects: Vapauteen, 440ppm; and bands: Led Er Est, Civil Duty and Further Reductions with his wife Katie Rose. During the listening of the latter band’s new album I noted these: a little tribal electro industrial, ebm, techno.

Further Reductions – “Woodwork” album on Minimal Wave/Cititrax Records


LAMC split 7″ series No 11. Mikal Cronin / WAND. A great split single for the fans of good noisy garage rock.
Mikal Cronin (Charlie and The Moonheart, Epsilons, Party Fowl, Okie Dokie, Ty Segall backing band) is a more and more known figure of “on-the-ground” musical life. His track is a Nirvana-like garage rock. In accordance with order of the series the A-side artist suggets a band to the B-side. Cronin picked the WAND. It was a very good pick. This is the band’s debut song, listen!


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