Brothers and Sisters! Listen to Words and holy drone, blessed psychedelic, sacred paranoid and ecclesiastical experimental music of Father Murphy about the Guilt!

‘Pain is on our Side now’ 2 x CS with silk screened cover by NO=FI Recordings. Write at nofirecordings at gmail dot com and get your copy before it’s too late. Or buy a digital copy

By the way, Father Murphy is a Venetian duo. European Failure tour in April. US Failure tour in May/June. Find your dates here


Dorian Pimpernel for the dream and ecstasy. French psychedelic pop. They said: moonshine pop: “esoteric, whimsical, volatile, evil little sister of the famous “sunshine pop” of Califorina.” Inspired by the first wave of psychedelia, kraut rock and music of the 60s cinema (esp.Morricone, Basil Kirchin). With a bunch of old instruments and lost illusions on the path which lead nowhere.

‘Allombon’ album on Born Bad Records

It’s meaningful that their debut album was released in Japan, 2006.


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