Clag formed in 1991 as a psychotic kiddie punk band in Australia. They disbanded in 1995. They have left three singles and a legend. There was a reunion recently and a 7″ vinyl will be released on 19 April with two new tracks and new live recordings.

“Choose Your Own A-Side” 7″ by Bedroom Suck

If you like the nice idiotic music then click the ‘Clag’ above and listen!


There was another legendary band in the 90s. It was called Nirvana. Yeah, they did some good tracks at that time. There were some hits and finally a shot. Now here is their last studio album In Utero from covers. The songs are played for example by Ceremony, Thursday, Pigmy Lush, Young Widows, Jay Reatard, Mean Jeans.

Here are two opinions of customers:
“Why would you take crappy artists and try to do a classic album. Ugh at least try to make the songs sound good. Horrible”
“I don’t write review too often, but after listening to this garbage I felt compelled to. There is nothing good about this album.”



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