The cancelled Greek party upset our schedule a little bit, but we didn’t give way to despair. Never mind! Then our 100th party will be one day before the 99th.

99th RNR666 Party > March 24  Budapest  Trafik Klub  21:00 


Jack of Heart is among the most exciting French rock bands, playing a mix of garage punk, surf and psychedelic rock. It’s pure rock’n’roll in the literal and also figurative sense of the phrase

Their records are released by such fastidious labels as Slovenly and Born Bad Records.


pedantrock straight from the Sorbonne’s buffet

Ticket: 1000


100th RNR666 Party > March 23  Budapest  Vittula  18:00

Piero Ilov & The Warhole (F)

It’s an acoustic solo project of Piero, who is the heart of Jack of Heart. Before this he played in two cultic undeground garage rock bands, Demon’s Claws and The Fatals,  Now he will playing sad love songs in country style. + urban blues & inner city rockabilly

by Szentcsalád Oral Orchestra feat. very special guest

Free party!


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