Quilt – Held In Splendor LP on Mexican Summer

Until it is blowing great guns, you light a fire in, preparing your last 2 years most remarkable untold experiences to animate it now. The dreams are shining brighter and vividly in the kaleidoscope, desires begin sharper, the jeans are dirtier than ever by those old blues tones. Now put a stamp on your mail, create a braid from the voices, plunge your shoes into the glistening nocturnal lights, then step on the rusty nails in the drunkship by the dawn. After a cigarette tasting coffee you hung all the 13 pictures on the wall, dust the threadbare seat of your turquoise Cadillac, Snow White gives a kiss on your nose, finally beyond recovery you reel into the chrome yellow sky. You are 42 minutes away from reality.


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