dertanzAfter becoming one of the flagship bands of Hungarian independent music with their 2013 LP, derTANZ is now back with a new self-released album.

It’s been almost a year since the release of ‘Kaktusz’ and the band seems to be ready for action and as you can guess, it is  once again a ruthless, loud and twisted attack on human senses.

VATTA is no principal shift from the older songs – especially if we ignore the fact that the minimalist ‘free punk’ music of derTANZ is not at all based on songs (in a traditional 4/4 sense, of course).  This album is more like a post-apocalyptic audio book  for the last handful of  survivors (?) on Earth. The 30 minute-flow is basically one indivisible musical piece recorded in their countryside rehearsal space with the help of András Weil.


a0115888782_2I wanted to paint a bee but it became a fly

The trio claims that they only had a couple of songs but no plans or directions in advance, they have just spread out an imaginary butterfly net to see what they can catch – and as Gábor puts it ‘we have caught bats, bees and flies as well‘.

Those who are already familiar with the music of derTANZ  will probably be least surprised (but most satisfied instead) that the new album is again attempting to evoke the atmosphere of their insane live performances (just like on Kaktusz) with a loose combination of free flowing sequences, lots of tense feedback noise and maniac loop sounds.

And how about some words of advice from the band before listening?

‘Listen to it as loud as possible’– Gábor says.

 So, here it is – RNR666 proudly presents


Listen, enjoy, name-your-price-download, share and join  the album release party to see derTANZ (supporting acts: King Pepper, Bartha Márk) at MÜSZI on the 7th March!





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