A Tree In A Field is a Swiss independent record label.
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At first I overlooked that this album is a great one because I was wonder-struck by doomenfels so much.  But when I edited the (very coming soon) radio show from these albums on the first round I wrote to a paper the number of selected songs during the listening. On the occasion of Fai Baba I selected almost the full album.

Fai Baba was founded by Fabian Sigmund in Zürich, 2008, after he came back his spititual journey from India as “Psychedelic, Garage and Soul man.” He writes and plays very strange and highly enetertaining music. Krautrock-like psych pop, drenched with noisy space rock, spiced with a little 70s disco pumping sometimes. In short: very indie rock. Beside the drums and guitars you can find a heep of old keys intstruments as Farfisa, Ace Tone and Hammmond organs, Rhodes and Crumar electric pianos, Omnichord and Moog on this album.

Fai Baba is influenced by John Lee Hooker, who rarely played on a standard beat.

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