One of the best European garage rock/punk label is Goodbye Boozy Records. It was founded in the late 90s in Teramo, which is a little central Italian town. The label is focusing limited edition 7″ vinyls. Some names of the roster: Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, King Khan, BBQ, River City Tainlines, Lantern, CPC Gangbangs, LiveFastDie, Red Mass, Useless Eaters, Cosmonauts, Outdoorsmen, Timmy’s Organism, Hussy, Straight Arrows, Hellshovel, Movie Star Junkies, Warm Soda.
Here are the new singles. GBB brings 4 bands from Australia, where is maybe the most exciting musical scene in the world nowadays:
Ausmuteants, Frowning Clouds, Hierophants and Wet Blankets, which is fronted by a 15 years old dude. And last but not least a Trio Banana 7″ also will be released together with Bubca Records.

You can download some previous GBB releases from here.
Sometimes the download links are invisible!



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