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AJ Davila was the bassist and main songwriter in the disbanded Puerto Rican garage punk band Davila 666. He wanted to do something different with all the friends that he has met through the years in the music industry. Beside his band Terror/Amor he called some guests to the recordings: Sergio Rotman from an Argentine ska band Los Fabulous Cadillacs; Alex Anwandter, a Chilean pop-singer; Juan Cirerol, a Mexican folk singer-songwriter; Selma Oxor, a Mexican electro-trash songstress, who also is member of the band;  and there are Costa Ricans sure: Johnny Otis from Davila 666, who also member of the band; Mercedes Oller from the garage-pop group Las Robertas; Dax Díaz, a folk singer-songwriter; Fofe Abreu from the electro-pop Fofe y Los Fetiches. So the music is a little ecletic, but very Davila 666-like Latin garage rock.

AJ Davila y Terror/Amor – Terror/Amor LP by the latin music specialist Nacional Records

Full album stream


The second best rock’n’roll band on the Earth: Natural Child

Out In The Country from the album ‘Dancin’ With Wolves’ by Burger Records


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