“Throb/Clang” is the motto of the electro-industrial punk duo Multiple Man. It is founded by Aussie twin bros. They as if lived in the 80s.

debut 7″ by Major Crimes Records. The first EP


“I wanted to do a rock ‘n roll band, because the best thing in the world is being in a rock ‘n roll band.  I guess I’d been friends with Nic (Bed Wettin’ Boys, RIP Society Records) for a really long time and I was saying that to him on a phone, and he’s like “I’m the guy for the job.” – said the Australian musician Angel Bermuda (Circle Pit, Southern Comfort, Straight Arrows) about her brand new project, Ruined Fortune. “It’s a really different sound to Circle Pit though: it’s a bit darker and weirder.” Tight, noisy punk rock in the manner of late 70s-early 80s with cheap Casios, drum machine and metal percussion.

S/T LP by Hozac Records. It was recorded with two drummers, Daniel Spencer (Blank Realm) and Joe Alexander (Per Purpose).



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