The Cramps were one of the greatest rock’n’roll bands ever. They played B-Movies inspired psychedelic rockabilly mixed with blues, punk and surf. It was founded by Lux Interior and Poison Ivy in New York in 1976.

Lux: First time I saw her she was walking down the street, hitchhiking, and she was wearing a halter-top and short shorts with a big hole in the ass with red panties showing through. I was with this other guy, a friend of mine, and we both just went, “Who-o-o-oh!” We pulled over and I think I had a hard-on about three seconds after I saw her. It was 1972, and we were at Sacramento State College.

Ivy: I’d just started college, and one day I was hitchhiking back from the campus to my apartment, when Lux and a friend of his gave me a ride. I’d seen him around the campus, and I thought he was extremely exotic. He would have these pants and each leg of the pants was a different colour. (…) Lux seemed like a creature from another world, with one foot already out of this dimension. (…) We were both studying art at Sacramento State College in the early Seventies. It was a very strange art department in Sacramento at that time, too, because the whole student population was made up of hippies, and they were into witchcraft and metaphysics and everything else. We met up in a class called Art and Shamanism. The textbook for that class was called ‘The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross’, and the subject of that book is how the real topic of the Bible is the Amanita muscaria mushroom and that Christ is a metaphor for this magic mushroom.

Lux: Rock ’n’ roll has absolutely nothing to do with music. It’s much more than music. Rock ’n’ roll is who you are. You can’t call the Cramps music. It’s noise, rockin’ noise.

Live in Oslo 2006

RNR666 and their friends dedicate this Friday night
to memory of Lux Interior (1946-2009)


Howling at the Honeymoon – Zsófi (Piresian Beach) & Dávid (Broken Cups)
Thalium & Lupus – the breakcore-techno artist and his punk bro.
Zefyr – perverse latex dream
Küss Mich – Martini Dry with eyeball
& RNR666 DJs

Budapest  Vittula  Feb 7  21:00


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