Aussie big city folk in electro-acoustic junk pop style, spiced with ambient garbage. Maybe the instruments and the tunes are from a dump or the Moon, where is “A place wherein is wonderfully stored / Whatever on our earth below we lose. / Collected there are all things whatsoe’er, / Lost through time, chance, or our own folly, here.”* The sound is like as if it would come straight from a trashcan. Perfect.

Orlando Furious – ‘Popular’ cassette or digital EP by Cinnamon Records

*fragment from Orlando Furioso: Canto 34/LXXIII by Ludovico Ariosto (1474-1533)


Xiu Xiu is a famous experimental band. Many times on many site I red that it’s very good and very artistic, so I tried to make friends with their music, but it didn’t work. “Interesting” – thought about the previous Nina Simone cover album, but I will never listen to it again. Thanks, but there’re the originals. I have listened to their new album many times. Electronic noise, melancholic melodies, goth style lamentation, screams and cries. That’s all and not more. Too good and too artistic for me.

Angel Guts: Red Classroom LP by Polyvinyl (US) and Bella Union (UK)


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