The London Dirthole Company started as a two piece project in London in 2002 by Kirsten Reynolds and Ashley Davies as simple Dirthole. Within weeks this duo had become a 10-piece garage punk band: 4 stand-up drummers, 4 guitarists, bassist and singer. They have written as influence: The Fall, Velvet Underground and The Monks. Their music also reminds me of Dog Faced Hermans and The Ex.

Sounding Alley Tapes LP by Phono Erotic (UK) and Squoodge Records (Germany)

Kirsten Reynolds is a many sided artist, she has started her musical career as a sculptor, who built sculptural instruments. Learnt to play on drums and joined pyrotechnic metal percussion ensemble The Bow Gamelan in 1990. After playing on drums and bass in noise band Headbutt. In a Euro tour’s empty hours together with Ashley Davies they have created the Dark Project. The duo released some limited editon 7″ singles from everyday materials such as human hair, circular saws, glass and biscuit. A live act by Dark Project: minimal experimental electronic or what


The Mythological Horses are the first Alaskan band during the 9 years stroy of RNR666, so they’re the best Alaskan band.  Similar garage punk like Hunx & His Punx and Lover! (it’s a project of Rich Crook from The Reatards and Lost Sounds)

self titled LP by Hoover Craft


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