A Tree In A Field is a Swiss independent record label.
Among their latest 4 releases perhaps this is the most special one


doomenfels – epilog

Very difficult to define Dominic Oppliger’s throbbing, ringing, rattling, jangling and clacking music. Doom or dark folk, but in this case the folk means that the music and the records were made by cheap equipment in a cellar. Well, consequently it’s underground doom folk. With medieval feeling for me, but maybe it’s only my fantasy (or my soul?) born feeling. Yes, fantasy and soul, this music requires those from you. Sometimes I also imagine a very little mystic Indian mood there. This music has a special sacral character, as if it would be a private religious music. The cover shows the doomenfelsian Paradise for you, where a satisfied, smiling hippo is lying on a tree’s branches, where the only sign of the humans is a towel, but maybe it’s stolen by a monkey with a big nose.

This EP reminds me the last line of Deadeye Dick by Vonnegut:

“You want to know something?
We are still in the Dark Ages.
The Dark Ages — they haven’t ended yet.”

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