The Ruins was founded as a trio in 1985, but the guitarist never arrived, so started as a prog-rock drum and bass duo. During the years there were 4 bassists, the last one quit in 2004, since then the drummer, Tatsuya Yoshida is working as Ruins Alone. By the way he is also playing in the noise metal Zeni Geva, in the free jazz grind PainKiller with John Zorn and Bill Laswell, and in the prog-psych-space rock Acid Mothers Temple beside his many collaborations. One of these is the Sax Ruins with the saxophone player, flautist (and sculptor) Ryoko Ono, who participates in jazz, rock, funk, rhythm & blues and hiphop bands beside her own progressive-impro-rock band, ryorchestra.

Blimmguass LP by Skin Graft Records


Nice indie pop music by Hospitality

Trouble LP on Merge (USA) and Fire Records (UK). I wonder whether will be there such a hit as the Friends of Friends?


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