A Tree In A Field is a Swiss independent record label.
In the following days you can read about their latest 4 releases.

MIR – plays alien folk, aka UFOLK music 

In the human sphere it is like a time and space noise wave
played on un/conventional rock instruments
and lots of additional electronic and analogue equipment.
The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project hadn’t so many widgets than they have,
so the sound wasn’t the real McCoy there.


The MIR was launched in 2005 under influence of the German Kosmiche Musik. The astronauts are very colourful individuals. The drummer, Daniel Buess was in the pioneer jazzcore band 16-17, is founding member of the Ensemble of Phoenix, which is specialized to contemporary music, and there are various bands and collaborations.
Papiro, the masters of strings, originally is a classical trained violinist, who plays every instrument that he can get, and had/has many projects in different styles. For example there was a mystical experience in 2003 which led him to perform music based on playing only one chord at high volume for an extended period.
MZ operates on organ, synthesizers and other electronics. He originally played guitars with different underground bands until he discovered that he was more interested in soundeffects rather than virtuosity, and developed new techniques for guitar, and started to play around with synthesizers and their modifications. When I first saw the MIR, I stared his little room size keyboard structure, and named it ‘Oh my God, what is it?’
On their Shock Your Moneymaker album two percussionists joined them. “The duo’s tabla-like playing adds a furious, repetitive element to the band’s music, an effect that becomes even more striking when Papiro brings the Indian Shehnai flute into the mix.” It’s like a Martian jungle.

The album’s producer is Alex Buess from 16-17, GOD, Phantom City, Cortex (duo with Daniel Buess) etc.


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