The “vintage rocker” Michael Yonkers is one of the greatest hidden underground musicians like Seasick Steve, who won the Award for Best Breakthrough Act at his age of 66, or the 81 years old bluesman, Leo Welch with his debut album. Yonkers was born in Minneapolis in 1947. He has been making music since the early 60s, self-releasing some albums in the 70s, and stayed fully unknown until 2003. Then his unreleased album, the Microminiature Love, which was recorded in 1968 was released by de Stijl and Sub Pop. And boom. Fresh, fascinating psychedelic garage rock with a very unique sound, thanks to own made effects and a reshaped Fender Telecaster. It’s “like a fusion of stripped down Black Sabbath, The Troggs, Pere Ubu, and The Cramps.” It also comes the Stooges, the Godz and Joy Division to my mind. His previous albums would be reissued one after the other beside his new and unreleased materials.  Among his new stuff there are two collabs with the garage punk band, Blind Shake.

A marvellous acoustic chamber folk album The Borders Of My Mind with Jim Woehrle from 1974 is the brand new reissue by Drag City. Look!


Texan harsh punk on drums, guitar and electronics. Burnt Skull

Sewer Birth LP by 12Xu


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