Bedroom hip-hop with taste of noise punk by the multi-instrumentalist experimental rapper, Signor Benedick The Moor, who arrived from the metal/hc scene. “The name comes from two places, both Shakespearean, Benedick is the main character in Much Ado About Nothing, and I identify with him on a personal level as someone who will in the future be jaded because of his past experiences with love. He is also very witty and I like to think the same of myself. The second, the Moor, comes from the characters Aaron the Moor and Othello, both outsiders because of their skin color. I’ve felt like an outsider since I began to form my self-awareness, because of my half-white, half-black heritage, and because I always seemed to think so much differently than everyone else.”

by the experimental noise label, Deathbomb Arc

His former old-school-like hip-hop-punk project with less noise and more music: brayne (free downloads)


The Blank Realm is a very open minded and amazing psychedelic rock band from the fantastic Aussie underground scene. “if Lady Gaga wanted to collab with us, we would almost definitely say yes, although the result would probably make for rugged listening.”

Grass Inn LP by Bedroom Suck (Aus) and Fire Records (UK)


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