Bruno Dorella & Stefania Pedretti from Italy play
Minimal Extreme Noise Metal under the name of OvO

“The anarcho-punk (The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans, Rhythm Activism) made an important impact on us, but we don’t belong any movements. Although our lifestyle is perfect anarchism. We haven’t workplace, travelling around the world, working together with people whose values identical with ours, doing own label, etc. We can try to live by our own ideas, it requires much discipline, I think it’s an important trick of the anarchism.” (Read the full interview in Hungarian.)

OvO plays with Mombu (I) & Paranoiz (H)
at RNR666 party on Jan 24 in Budapest at Müszi

OvO + Mombu on Jan 23 in Szeged at Jazz Kocsma


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