Új Látásmód Fúzió is a cult project of the obscure Hungarian minimal electronic scene, founded in 1992. “Amorf, Különös, Amorf ” is a collection of unreleased recordings  from between 1992 and 97:

cassette by Electric Voice

A vinyl LP was released in summer by 4mg Records

The next ULF shows in Budapest: Jan 23 > Bem Mozi. Feb 21 > Müszi


Brattleboro is a small town in Vermont (US) with vivid artistic life and unique music sound, “The Brattleboro Sound.” It is unclassifiable, playful, lo-fi and experimental. It’s represents by Blanche Blanche Blanche, Happy Jawbone Family Band and The Great Valley. Here is a preview track from The Great Valley’s next album

Lizards of Camelot – LP by Feeding Tube Records, cassette by NNA Tapes

Great Valley’s free download albums: One & Two

Happy Jawbone Family Band euro tour in January and February. Vienna Jan 15 (with King Khan & BBQ) , Zagreb Feb 9 at Mochvara

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