Jimmy Smack. Electronic musician, performance artist, choreographer. Los Angeles. Late 70s, early 80s. Made uniquely strange minimal doomy and gloomy ghostly electronic music with an electric bagpipe and a rhythm machine. Three self-released records in very limited copies: Death or Glory 7″ (1982), Anguish 12″ (1983) and Death Rocks 7″ (1983)

1. Hating Life   2. Depression

It’s reissued by Death Vault Records in Canada.

Price: $11.00 ppd (Canada), $13.00 ppd surface (US) or $15.00 (Airmail) …everywhere else, please contact us for exact shipping rates. It would be around $17.00 ppd more or less. Canadians pay in Canadian dollars, everybody else in US dollars.

info: deathvaultrecords AT hotmail.com

ps: an original Death Rocks 7″ costs 499 USD


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