When I met the Burger first? I don’t remember, but the first cover that is in my mind this:

tradfoolsand it was released in 2008. So since then they’re inescapable factors of rock and roll for me. Maybe, not, sure that the Burger is the most-often written name among the record labels on this site. It’s thanks to their hyperactive record release practice: around 650 titles/6 years, and their bands: Natural Child, Davila 666, John Wesley Coleman, Mikal Cronin, Ty Segall, Jacuzzi Boys, Black Lips, Bare Wires, Cosmonauts, Gap Dream, Grass Widow, Hunx & His Punx, Shannon & The Clams, King Khan, King Louie, King Tuff, Nobunny, Warm Soda and many more DIY music in almost every style: garage, psychedelic, surf, glam and hard rock, punk, hardcore and metal, bedroom, power and synth pop, country and blues. The big output is thanks to their cassettes, because the Burger is the most significant cassette publisher in the Western world. (I think that the biggest cassette publishers are in China and India.) They have a important role in the cassette revival of recent years.

RNR666 – What was the cause of start of the label?
Sean – We started in 2007 to release our own band, Thee Makeout Party!, on vinyl!

What was the greatest success?
Surviving for 6 years!

What was the greatest surprise in the course of label’s story?
That we actually are doing well with our creation!

What will be the next record?
Cherry GlazerrHaxel Princess! 🙂

A little taste of the Burger feeling via the latest episode of Burger TV.  Starring: Boogarins, Hot Rash, Collen Green, The Memories, Cosmonauts, The Growlers and Bobb Trimble:

And if you go about Fullerton (California, Orange County)
don’t forget to go >> Burger Shop


ps: Volume 4 of the hit “Now that’s what I call Burger” digital series of current top Burger hits.


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