pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth
demonstrating by Alexander Liver

member of the Grand Theatre de Geneve and NOM, the Russian rock band and avant-garde cabaret group. They have started a crowdfunding campaign to their new album: Seven Deadly Sins.

Hi friends! Our 14th studio album will be dedicated to 7 deadly sins of man, created according to our tradition, using the method of dramatization of idiocy and idiotization of dramatic situations. It will be a milestone on the way to get rid of harmful illusions to listeners toward true inner freedom. You will be able to support the release of this album, and now become the owner of it, and a number of bonuses that we have prepared especially for you! Funds are required to pay for studio work.”

A 20th anniversary remake video: Choir of Entertainers by NOM >> Wikipedia

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