Dec 10

Event of the Week

Free Improvisation/Massive Noise Experimental at Müszi > Blaha Lujza square 1. Corvin Shopping Mall III. floor. Entrance from the Somogyi Béla street, big green door with MÜSZI logo, ring the bell, if the door is closed!

21:00 – m o n o f o g > free Improvisation. Cello. Flood performance. Virtual Oscillators. Tabletop Bass with Micro-Robot. Broken Machines. Guerrilla Sculpture Restoration. 80s Casio Synthesizer. Field Recordings of Fields. Plastic toy Guitar. Found Vinyl and Hiss. Formal Suits. Dinosaur micro-chip Roars. Blue ball bounce Drum. Bubble Flute. Armchair Springs bowed. Red Insulation Cable. Saxophone. VIDEO

22:00 – ParaNoiZ > the project creates massive, improvisatory noise music. The members (Kálmán Pongrácz /aka Rovar17 -laptop, live electronics ; Gábor Tóth/aka Tgnoise – live electronics; Krisztián Bartha – drums) – build up a ‘harsh’, ‘ambient noise’ based rhythm-heavy sound on each concert.

Ticket: 600-     Facebook event

Dec 11

Jazzaj Party with Dóra Attila & Zlatko-Walt Shaw duo at Mika at 20:00. Facebook event

Dec 13

Létrák (synth punk) + Opus Null (punk) and more at Jolly Music Pub at 22:00. Ticket: 300- Facebook event

Dec 14

Küss Mich PartyAndy Votel (UK) + Suhaid + Shuriken + Gandharva + Von Yodi + Splatter at Toldi Klub at 22:00. Ticket: 1000- Facebook event

Andy Votel is an electronic musician, Dj and producer, co-founder of Twisted Nerve Records, and founder of the reissue label Finders Keepers. Some of his mixtapes: Hindi Horrorcore + Biker + Gallic Magnetic Space Rock + Indo Magnetic Carnatix

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