The Sneaky Pinks is another face of Nobunny. Primitive deep lo-fi punk music

I’m Punk/Puke Pudding 7″ by Almost Ready. Puke Pudding is my favorite.


…one suburban north Texas night in 2004 mindlessly watching MTV, two high school friends started free-associatively joking about a fictional, strange, comedy band that sings about stupid stuff…they laughed so hard that they actually discussed making this band a reality…under the influence of Frank Zappa…very entartaining eclectic music by Plastic Uno (band)

Orgy of Sweetness: Unology – digital compilation 2004-13 by Teflon Beast
Turn back the player to the first track! The 7th is a Beach Boys cover.
Maybe it will be released on cassette also.
Oh, I almost forgot: a free EP


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