Dec 2

20:00-20:30 SURF TRUCKERZ
20:50-21:20 THE TROUSERS (garage rock)
21:50-22:40 HONKY (USA): Jeff Pinkus (bass, Butthole Surfers) and Bobby Ed Landgraf (guitar, Down). Unfortunately there is nothing from the Butthole Surfers. ZZ Top in a little harder manner: VIDEO
23:00-00:00 PETER PAN SPEEDROCK (NL): motorcycle punk rock: VIDEO. At R33. Ticket: 2500. Facebook event

Dec 4
The last RNR666 Party this year

Jazz Math Noise Rock Fun with LES SPRITZ (Sicily) + ZAPERLIPOPETTE! (CH) + LÉTRÁK

at Trafik, 21:00. Ticket: 1000. Facebook event

LES SPRITZ + ZAPERLIPOPETTE play in Szeged on Dec 3!


HAVI ZAJ#81 > electronic/experimental/technoTIRIPS (PL) + PRELL + dzsémszGOND at Filter, 20:00. Ticket: 600. Facebook event

Dec 6

ÚJ LÁTÁSMÓD FÚZIÓ exactly from 20:30 at MÜSZI: VIDEO. Ticket: 500. Facebook event


HOLALO Punk Gaze Party with VVHILE (SRB, VIDEO) + GUSTAV TIGER: VIDEO. At Kuplung, 21:00. Facebook event


“Egy híres halottnak mindig nagyon sok barátja van…”
AN EVENING TO THE MEMORY OF BADA DADA > Ef Zámbó, Barcs Miki, Kettős Tamás, Krausz Tivadar, Pénzes Olivér, Létrák and more at Mixart Garden. Facebook event

Dec 8

Event of the Week


with Weasel Walter(guitar, Flying Lutterbachers), Algis Kizys (bass, Foetus, Swans) and Bob Bert (drums, Sonic Youth).

The set consisted of a quasi-chronological display of musical raw power, ranging from material by Lydia’s classic units Teenage Jesus and the Jerks (1976-79), 8-Eyed Spy (1979-80), 13.13 (1982),  and Shotgun Wedding (with Rowland S. Howard, 1991) as well as touching on her solo debut “Queen of Siam” (1980) and various other projects up to the present. But this is no county fair cover-band – Retrovirus is a totally modern take on the atrocities of the past and present, devoid of simpering nostalgia, bristling with a scoriatingly modern sheen of violence and momentum.

At A38, 20:00. Ticket> in advance till Dec 7: 2500, that day: 3000. Facebook event

A set from her songs     Wikipedia

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