Vialka is a duo of Eric Boros (guitar & voice) and Marylise Frecheville (percussion & voice). They are on world tour permanently since their formation in 2002 with their very strange experimental folk rock music. Naturally they have some special international projects also. Their new album will come out in February.

Vialka book+CD subscription!
Support the next Vialka release! Minimalist dinner-opera for duel
“À l’Abri des Regards Indiscrets”

54 page libretto with hand-bound and embossed cardboard cover, texts by Marylise Frecheville and photos by Mark Tso + 12 track CD recorded by Bob Drake. By ordering before February 4th, 2014, you’ll receive a discount on the retail price and contribute to the publication of this book/CD. 1 copy = 15€ (instead of 20€) + €3 shipping. Payment by check to Vialka PayPal, or contact us for bank transfer: mail AT


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