The Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama is a one man band from Brazil. He is/was member in many groups, for example Solid Soul Disciples

is a long distance brotherhood from the UK and Brazil comprising of Marco Butcher (guitar), Black Mekon (vocals & harmonica), his brother Black Mekon (fuzz guitar), Danny C (drums), and Fabulous Go-Go Boy from Alabama (guitar) based on their shared love of garage, punk, blues and country music. Black Mekon is a two pieces blues punk band. Here are their two videos: ONE and TWO, I didn’t choice…

Brand new Black Mekon single is free!

Nov 23 Budapest, Trafik Klub, 22:00 >
Fabulous Go-Go Boy from Alabama
Bloody Mary una chica band
Human Trash

Ticket: 1000

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Fabulous Go-Go Boy’s Bands From Brazil #6


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