The New Zealander The Drab Doo-Riffs: space surf & spockabilly with the Klingons

The first full-lenght album, “Home Surgery” is a best of collection from their previous EPs. CD or digital

There are two members, Karl Steven and Caoimhe Macfehin who are in the amazing blues trio, Heart Attack Alley. Unfortunately the band went on indefinite hiatus in late 2012. Their latest album was released by Voodoo Rhythm Records. Otherwise Karl Steven is among the highest educated rock musicians. He completed a Ph.D. in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy at Cambridge University.


Nina Simone (1933-2003) was a fantastic Afro-American singer and musician. She sang and played jazz, blues, soul, gospel, funk classical and pop songs. The experimental electronic rock band, Xiu Xiu has covered her eleven songs in a peculiar free jazz-like way

Nina LP by Graveface Records

Tracklist: 1. Don’t Smoke in Bed (< listen to the original!) 2. Don’t Explain Baby 3. Wild is the Wind 4. Where Can I Go Without You 5. See-Line Woman 6. Just Say I Love Him (< listen to the original!) 7. Four Women (This tells the story of four different African-American women. Each of the four characters represents an African-American stereotype in society. Read about it and listen to it!) 8. Pirate Jenny 9. You’d Be So Nice 10. The Other Woman 11. Flo Me La

Nina Simone’s ashes were scattered in several African countries.


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