Lydia Lunch is an influential artist, one the most important members of No Wave scene. She has started her career as founding member of Teenage Jesus & The Jerks in New York, 1976. She made records in collaboration with various artists such as Foetus, Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, Marc Almond, Rowland S. Howard, Michael Gira, The Birthday Party, Einstürzende Neubauten, Oxbow or Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

Today start her Euro tour with his band, Retrovirus. It consists of Weasel Walter (guitar, The Flying Luttenbachers, etc.), Algis Kizys (bass, Swans, Foetus, etc) and Bob Bert (drums, Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Chrome Cranks, etc). The set consisted of a quasi-chronological display of musical raw power, ranging from material by Lydia’s classic units Teenage Jesus and the Jerks (1976-79), 8-Eyed Spy (1979-80), 13.13 (1982),  and Shotgun Wedding (with Rowland S. Howard, 1991) as well as touching on her solo debut “Queen of Siam” (1980) and various other projects up to the present. But this is no county fair cover-band – Retrovirus is a totally modern take on the atrocities of the past and present, devoid of simpering nostalgia, bristling with a scoriatingly modern sheen of violence and momentum.

Dates > 20 11 Italy Catania Zoo – 21 11 Italy Torino Spazio – 22 11 Italy Brescia Latteria Molloy – 23 11 Italy Bologna Senza Filtro – 24 11 Italy Roma Init – 25 11 Italy La Spezia Btomic- 28 11 France Paris La Java – 29 11 France Lyon Kraspek Myzyk – 30 11 France Montpellier Secret Place – 1 12 France Marseille L`emnobineuse – 3 12 Germany Munich Milla – 4 12 Austria Vienna Szene – 5 12 Czech Prague Malostranska Beseda – 6 12 Austria Linz Stadtwerkstatt – 8 12 Hungary Budapest A 389 12 Croatia Zagreb Culture Factory – 10 12 Slovenia Ljubljana Gala Hala

“I would be humiliated if I found out that anything
I did actually became a commercial success.”


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