Oozing Wound – Retrash


It’s unnecessary to write about this album too many words. It’s fuckin’ good THRASH METAL. I’m very pleased; it’s enormously amusing and impossible to get bored with these perfect 32 minutes. Just Slayer, Exodus, Voivod, Nuclear Assault and Pantera came to my mind during the listening, and sometimes the Ministry. Moreover there aren’t guitar solos. It’s extra delight for me, because I like Uncle King’s solos alone.

“We’re so cool that we don’t care that we’re not cool.”

The cement mixer operators have very colourful antecedents. It’s surprising that two of them played bass in avant-garde performance art rock band, Lovely Little Girls.  And there are acoustic folk, hard-edge-pop and garage rock bands also. The immediate antecedents:
a noise rock band of Kyle (drums): Bad Drugs,
an old copied cassette thrash band of Zach (guitar, vocal): Zath,
and a thrashy noise punk band of both: Cacaw.

“Evil is ageless. You can be a 90-year-old wizard and still play metal.”

And there is another surprise. Their debut album was released by Thrill Jockey Records.
They’re interesting in avant-garde – experimental – psychedelic music mainly. Some artists from the roster: Jan St. Werner (Mouse on Mars), Black Pus, Boredoms, David Byrne, Chicago Underground, White Hills, Tortoise, Wooden Shjips. So this isn’t a conventional metal album.


Zach: When I was 13 I wanted to be Kurt Cobain.
Kevin (bass): I wanted to be Les Claypool.
Zach: And Kyle wanted to be Dale Crover. (Drummer of the Melvins)


Quotes and interview fragment from Chicago Music


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