4852866422_203953f166First of all, Fuseism is not something you would call bad-ass music – the Budapest 5-piece is the musical equivalent of a shy and smart good-willing guy from the neighbourhood. Still, Fuseism has a lot to give not only to this kind of people – their music is basically for anybody who’s into indie, punk, shoegaze and catchy melodies. Yeah, the nerdy music fans, you might say but hey, what’s wrong with that..?! Nerdy people have a lot of soul, intellect and they are not afraid to say they care…

Fuseism has released a Demo tape and four short EPs so far (if you haven’t got it yet, save each of them on your hard disk – Downloading is freedom, you know) with their trademark guitar sound, thick bass licks and the unique chanting vocals about despair, pathfinding and self-reflection.

By the way, have you ever heard their semi-ironic song about video games being better than drugs?? I tell you it is worth checking whatever these guys release – and luckily enough they finally released a longer 6-track (with the two instrumental Ultrablast snippets it’s in fact 4 songs) EP yesterday titled Search and seek more.


To do a spoiler, the new songs bring no novelty in terms of style but this style is absolutely theirs and it’s impossible to mistake these guys for something else. 90s and surf punk influenced noisy/dreamy shoegaze sound, energy, hints of dissonance but overall melodic harmony. And one day at a point of mediating with your own self,  you will find yourself mumbling these lines along with the vocalist Rádi who’s the guy responsible for the verbal delivery. Hey, you could do that at any of their shows, I bet you wouldn’t regret it as they are one of Hungary’s best live bands.

For me, the most amazing track on the EP is Comfort and conquer – it is like an early 90s noise rock piece fuelled with more intensity and more melody. It clearly has one of the best guitar tunes ever, it’s gonna give you the chills for sure.

Support the band by going to their shows or spreading the word about them, it’s time to be a believer of Fuseism!


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