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– Brisbane quartet Blank Realm return with their Grassed Inn album with soaring psych melodies, dark love-stained lyrics and one of the sharpest pop records to emerge from the current Australian underground renaissance. Out in January 2014 on Fire Records. A song

– Brooklyn indie-rock trio Hospitality earned buzz-band status with their peppy 2012 debut, but they navigate darker, more turbulent waters on their follow-up album, Trouble out on Fire 27th January 2014. A new song

– Dunedin (New Zealand) 3 piece Males release their double EP RunRunRun/MalesMalesMales on Fishrider Records. It will be a perfect soundtrack for summer.

– Known for his guitar work in Fresh & Onlys, Wymond Miles has released a new 7″ on Sacred Bones Records. With Shayde Sartin (also of Fresh & Onlys) on bass and Kelly Stoltz on drums, the B-side is a cover of Batwing by the legendary Flying Nun band, The Terminals


– Motörhead rescheduled his Euro tour!

– New Zealand’s Orchestra of Spheres return with their second full-length album, Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music, a surreal road-trip through a hyper primal, fuzzed-out, synth laden, garden of Eden. Out on Fire Records on 25 November.  Here is a track. European Tour in November /December

– Wreckelss Eric reissue series. Wreckelss Eric is one of the most influential artists to emerge from the Stiff Records stable. He went on to have one of punk’s biggest hits with “(I’d Go The) Whole Wide World” in 1977 and inspired a legion of artists from Yo La Tengo to The Vaccines and from Marianne Faithful to Lilly Allen.

The first two reissues are the rare and much sought after recordings by The Len Bright Combo, one of Eric’s early post-Stiff bands. Recorded in the mid-80s, The Len Bright Combo Presents and Combo Time were rough garage rock albums, which stayed true to his DIY roots and have now become very difficult to get hold of.  The Len Bright Combo Presents and Combo Time will be reissued on 9 December (Europe) + 10 December (US) by Fire Records



– Sybian plays a psychedelic electronic sound, with hints of some late 80s Acid House and Afro Beat, Slow and Italo Disco. Sequencer-mixed bases, samba-like, tribal rhythm and an interest towards those Badalamenti soundtracks and from Carpenter era. Spore LP + digital will be out on December 13th.  A track. (Shit Music for Shit People)



– The Hungarian Music is released by Halalnihil. He is one of the best Hungarian harsh noise artists.

– Kimi Kärki is a Finnish cultural historian, guitar player and singer-songwriter. Known for his versatile guitar playing and sombre compositions for Reverend Bizarre, Lord Vicar, Orne, E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr, and, most recently, Uhrijuhla, He has developed his recognisable playing style within doom metal, progressive, folk, and electric ambient scenes. The Bone of My Bones is Kärki’s first ‘solo’ album, focused on experimental folk music. It is released on 5 December 2013 by Svart Reords

– Safronkeira is the project of the Sardinian sound researcher Eugenio Caria. Cooperative album with the Sardinian trumpet player Mario Massa: Cause and Effect. CD, 2xLP and digital by Denovali. Release Date: November 29th 2013. A track
For fans of Murcof & Erik Truffaz, Dj Krush & Toshinori Kondo and Nils Petter Molvaer.

– Selaxon Lutberg is the ambient project of the secluded Italian artist Andrea Penso. On his new album are typically warm and encasing songs, which are mostly made with processed and unrecognizable guitars, an old and cheap organ and loops from ruined tapes and vinyls. Simboli Accidentali – CD, LP, digital by Denovali. Release Date: November 15th 2013.  A track
For fans of Labradford, Slowdive, Philip Jeck, William Basinski and Stars of The Lid.




– New album by French Slugde/Death/Black Metal combo Celeste named Animale(s). A very unique concept double album features exceptional collaborations with artists such as the experimental musician Ben Chatwin from Talvihorros and the composers and sound designers Sabrina Duval and Jean Charles Bastion. 2xCD, 2xLP and digital download by the experimental label, Denovali. Release Date: November 22nd 2013. A track
For fans of Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Alpinist, Year of No Light or Wolves in the Throne Room.

– “Primitive,” “brutal,” and “bestial” are all exceptionally well-worn adjectives when it comes to a scene flooded with replicas, copycats, and plagiarists, where music appears as fashion, not passion. ZOM is primitive and brutal death metal, but undeniably genuinely so. Hear their glorious, grisly birth on the vinyl LP version of Demo MMXI, remastered for optimum analog sound and now with a new, exclusive bonus track. Death is just the beginning… Released on 28 October 2013 by Invictus Productions

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